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Women’s riding group

I’m putting my feelers out for women who might be interested in joining a women’s riding group at my place. A long time ago I, Linda, ran a women’s riding group and it was lots of fun. The aim of the group is to get together to share our horsey experiences and have fun. We would do some groundwork exercise, a little bit of instruction/guidance and quadrille riding. 
Incase you do not know what quadrille is, this is the definition given on wikipedia: 
“Quadrille is a choreographed dressage ride, commonly performed to music, which is often compared to an equestrian ballet or to a drill team. A minimum of four horses are used, although many times more (always in pairs), which perform movements together. “
This is just for fun and no dressage skills are needed. Though your horse should have basic training and be safe. 
Times: Mondays (weekly or fortnightly) from 10.00 am to 11.30 am 
Price: $28 per person 
Places are very limited. Please email me on linda@funhorsetraining.com if you are interested. 
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
Note: if you need help with your horse or would like to work on specific skills please book a one on one or group lesson with Ben or me. 

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