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The importance of preparation in horse training

In this video, I talk about and explain the importance of preparation in horse training.

I work with many people from very different equestrian disciplines. The one thing I find that we all need to develop as a skill, is the ability to have good preparation. For me, what that means is understanding all the little parts that have to come together to make the whole.

When you are training a horse, there are a lot of elements, which have to come together in order for you and your horse to be successful.


Watch this video to learn more about this process…

One Response to “The importance of preparation in horse training

  • Susann Lindqvist
    8 years ago

    Magic – it works!

    I have since Tuesday this week having a bit of a challenge catching my horse. In fact, she is still outside at night alone, taking some time off…Yesterday I found your “Solving Catching Problems with your Horse Part 1” and after one day of practise, magic – it actually works! She follow me but do not let me touch her. I will now start practising one your serie #2, hoping for the same result as in video #1.

    Thanks for sharing such a great videos.

    Greeting from Stockholm, Sweden

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