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You spoke, we listened! New and improved clinics!

Our survey was a huge success, we have taken everything you have said into careful consideration and we are working very hard to implement all of the suggestions you have made. As a result, we are making pivotal changes to our clinics. We believe our selection of NEW and IMPROVED clinics will meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Here are just a few of the additional changes we have decided to make:

  • We now offer half day, one day and two day clinics
  • We have adjusted our prices and we are now offering payment plans
  • We are using facilities that provide shade, shelter, safety
  • We have created brand new clinics from your suggested topics
  • We have also changed the structure of the clinics, making riding and practical exercises a higher priority on the day. We know how vitally important theory is to understand and to enrich your learning experience, however we are endeavoring to apply the theory in a more ‘hands on’ and practical way.


We are in the early stages of releasing our new clinic list and this is the first one:


Are you a Beginner Rider? Have you just purchased a horse? Are you wanting to get to know you horse’s behaviour better?

This clinic aims to help you get to know your horse better through understanding horse behavior, and learning to read your horses body language.

Learn basic groundwork skills and basic riding skills that help you stay safe and build your confidence on the ground and while riding.

What you’ll learn

  • Safety in the saddle and on the ground
  • Groundwork for beginners
  • Basic riding skills (developing an independent seat, emergency stops, back up, basic turns)
  • How to read and understand horse behaviour
  • How to develop a soft and authentic communication, both on the ground and while riding
  • Solving common problems you might encounter with your horse
  • How to develop feel, timing and balance with your horse
  • Confidence building for horse and rider
  • How to become a better leader from your horse’s perspective
  • How to create a solid connection with your horse

Here is the flyer for this clinic. Check out our new prices and payment options.

We noticed that many of you can’t come to our clinics, because your horse doesn’t float yet or has problems with trailer loading. So, we decided to celebrate the new clinic release with a special on float loading!!! For the next 2 month, we offer 3 float loading sessions for the reduced price of $180! You save up to $99! We believe that most float loading problems can be solved within 3 sessions, so here is your chance to help your horse to overcome the obstacle of float loading.


We want to thank you for helping us improve our clinics and being part of BLS Horsemanship. We hope these changes will make it easier, more convenient, affordable and suitable for you and your horse to attend one of our clinics!

For all you advanced riders out there, stay tuned, because we will soon release further clinics, which will cover topics like collection, safety on trails, confidence building, groundwork for young horses and many more…

Last but not least, we would love to hear from you! What do you think about the changes we are making? Please leave us a comment.


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