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Assessments are designed to help you, as a horse owner, make better informed decisions about horses you own or are planning to buy. When we assess a horse for you, we work with it for 1-2 hours concluding with our overall evaluation of the horse in terms of:

  • How safe and appropriate the horse is for you and how well it will meet your long term needs and goals
  • How much training the horse will need, to be safe and manageable for your level of skill and experience
  • How much training you will need, to be safe and to be able to manage your horse’s skill level
  • How compatible you and the horse are, which is based on your individual needs, as well as the horses individual needs and how well they match
  • The cost of training for both, you and your horse
  • General information in regards to your horse’s behavior



The Assessment price is listed per hour. Please note, that travel fees are not included in the price listed.


$ 90 per hour

Plus Travel fee, if applicable

Check out, if you need to add Travel fees and what the cost is.               Travel Fees

If you have any questions or would like to book an Assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact us!               Contact Us

What are people saying?

Here are some testimonials from our clients
  • "There can be no gentler way of training and disciplining yourself into a real partner for your horse… Thank you Ben and Linda for sharing your horse wisdom with me. When he looks me straight in the eye, Priceless."

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