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5ft Kids Communication String



The 5ft Kids Communication String is made using Tuff Tack rope. It has a loop on one end and a leather popper on the other. The shortened string allows for better use and easier handling with the kids communication stick. It is made with 1/4 inch high quality yachting braid (from Australia). It is mainly used with the communication stick, though it is also a very useful tool on its own.

About the rope: Tuff Tack equestrian rope have increased ability to withstand abrasion whilst being soft and kind to the horse, a greater resistance to ingrained dirt and a better knot ability so that the rope remains strong and vibrant under the harshest conditions. They are of course fully washable, UV resistant and are made from the highest quality polyster available.

Unlike cheap ropes and webbing, Polyester will not harden or powder with age and will have only minor fading over the long life of the rope. It is unaffected by water, will not rot, mould or mildew and is resistant to most acids and oils. Polyester can be washed with normal household detergents in warm water.

To download instructions for attaching the string to the communication stick click here.

Please note: Communication String only. (Communication Stick not included)


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Weight 100 g
Rope colour

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