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BLS Horsemanship Online Academy 

Learn all about horse training and problem solving, from the comfort of your home. 

Our Online Academy is an interactive learning facility. Upon joining you will gain excess to training videos. The membership site is structured into easy learning blocks, allowing you to work your way thorough the instructional videos given. The Online Academy includes 3 main blocks called Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.

These blocks cover videos on:

  • Ground skills
  • Riding skills
  • Body awareness exercises
  • Problem solving
  • Q & A

Extra video categories include:

  • Terminology – making it easy for you to understand the language we are using
  • Case studies – showing you the progress horse and rider can make in certain timeframes
  • Live chat – allowing you to ask, us or our online community, questions any time

Our Online Academy is coming soon!!!

If you would like to be informed, when it goes live, please contact us. 

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