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New beginnings

Since we first arrived on the Sunshine Coast in 2006, we have had the amazing privilege to help people and horses from all different walks of life. For the past 12 years, we have offered lessons, clinics and fun horse days that have helped hundreds of people create deeper and more authentic relationships with their horses. We have had the opportunity to give many young horses their first ride and we have helped many people overcome the adversity and challenges that they have faced with their horses. We feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity and we appreciate the trust that you as the horse owner have placed in us.


Today we want to share with you some exciting, but sad news. We have made the decision to start a new chapter in our life and will be moving to the Coffs Harbour area in November 2018, to live closer to our family. We will be coming up to the Sunshine Coast on a regular basis to offer our services and continue supporting you and your horses. We will also offer online coaching, so if you need more urgent help we are only a phone call away!

As of December 2018, we will be offering our services in the Coffs Harbour area, so if you know of anyone in that area that would benefit from our help, we would appreciate it if you could pass on our details to them.


We want to express our gratitude to you for the amazing support that you have given us throughout our journey over the past 12 years. We also want to say a big thank you to the all the horses for guiding our learning and helping us become better human beings.

With gratitude,
Ben, Linda and the Skerrett family


Picture: John McCutcheon, Sunshine Coast Daily

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