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What makes you horse tick?

When I first came across the concept of horsemanship and understanding horse behaviour, I was amazed at how much it helped me understand the horses that I worked with. Suddenly a lot of the things that really frustrated me about horses made perfect sense and I had many light bulb moments. It changed my world and I looked at horses in a completely different light.

If I look back at all that I’ve learned over the years, the one thing that made the biggest difference was finding out what makes horses tick. As I developed my ability to understand and read horse behaviour, I was able to achieve a greater degree of communication, harmony and connection with horses.


The most important thing that we can get from horse behaviour is information. All behaviour is the horses’ way of giving us feedback about where they are at on a mental, emotional and physical level. The more we are able to understand what the horse is telling us the more we can improve the way we respond and the better our relationship and communication with our horse will be.

So, at the Fun Horse Day, on the 31st July 16, I’m going to be talking about and demonstrating how to find out what makes your horse tick. Every horse has a hierarchy of needs and when we learn to communicate in a way that meets the horse’s needs amazing transformations occur!

We hope you can make it as we would love to see you and your horse there!!

This Fun Horse Day is almost fully booked, make sure you book today so you don’t miss out!

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Are you looking for a safe and relaxing environment to bring your horse to? Do you want to meet like-minded people? Do you want to learn more about how to communicate with your horse? Are you looking for a fun and affordable day out, with your horse?
Then come along to our Fun Horse Day…

Our Fun Horse Days are design to bring like-minded people together, in a safe, educational and fun environment.

Thanks for a fun filled & informative day. Despite my lack of confidence & knowledge, your approach & understanding in helping me was wonderful. The way you teach and present things makes it so easy to understand.


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