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Happy New Year to you and your horse

We hope you, your families and horses had a lovely holiday and great start to the year.

Wow, 2018 is here and we are excited to get the year started. To be fair Ben has already been back to work this week and we have a horse at our place for training. It’s been hot and humid, but Ben has been working early mornings and late afternoons. How do you and your horse get through the summer season? Do you give your horse time off or ride early in the mornings or find shady areas to ride in??  

Many of you will have already seen, on Facebook, that I recently posted our 2018 Fun Horse Day event dates. I know the dates have caused some confusion. To clarify, I created all of our Fun Horse Day events on the same day on Facebook, which is why in our newsfeed the first event comes up as the 11th November 2018. I know you have been wondering why I would post this event now. As mentioned above I created all of them at ones and this is the default in which Facebook posts them, so it was out of my control. Our first Fun Horse Day for this year in on the 8th April 2018 and we have already received bookings. Thank you for joining us and supporting us! You can find out more about this Fun Horse Days here or check out our entire events dates list for 2018 here.

As I already mentioned, Ben is back in the swing of things, so if you need help with your horse, want to get your young horses started or continue your horsemanship journey through getting personalised lessons at your home or ours give him a call today…

We are extremely grateful that you have put your trust in us and keep supporting us. We are looking forward to helping you and your horses throughout 2018!!!

All the best 

PS. this is a very old photo of ours, I think it was taken in 2008?! Wow, that is 10 years ago!! Our beautiful Phoenix (grey pony on the left) is still with us and teaching our kids and clients children to ride and to get to know horses. 


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