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Fun Horse Day 03/04/16 – Managing your horse’s Anxiety & Fear

The topic for this Fun Horse Day is:  Managing your horse’s Anxiety & Fear

Anxiety is something, that can be very debilitating for horse-human relationships. There are lots of different ways to deal with anxiety, but unfortunately if we only address the symptoms then we will never really address the cause.

Therefore, it is always most important that we understand the cause of our horse’s anxiety. Once we understand the cause, we can change the effect.

So, at the up and coming Fun Horse Day on the 3rd of April we will be discussing and demonstrating the most effective and important strategies for reducing and managing anxiety in horses by addressing the cause. We will also be discussing the common training errors; which people make that create anxiety in horses.


Are you looking for a safe and relaxing environment to bring your horse to? Do you want to meet like minded people? Do you want to learn more about Natural Horsemanship? Are you looking for a fun and affordable day out, with your horse?

 Then come along to our Fun Horse Day…


Our Fun Horse Days are design to bring like-minded people together, in a safe, educational and fun environment.


We would love to see you there, and we hope that you can make it!

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