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Foundation for Collection

Words can’t describe the feeling of riding a horse that is 100% mentally, emotionally and physically collected! Imagine what you could achieve if your horse was in the zone and 100% committed to everything you asked him to do? You think stop your horse stops! You think gallop your horse gallops! You think flying changes and your horse is reading your mind!

This level of collection is achievable, but only when you understand the principles of true collection. To reach true collection with your horse you need to build a solid foundation, a foundation for collection.

Developing a quality foundation for collection is the real secret to success. Every horse can only be as good as its foundation. The most important building block for collection is understanding how the mental and emotional component of the training process effects the physical results. It’s following the correct process, that leads to the result of true collection.


False collection is the opposite to true collection, its mechanical and lacks the fundamental ingredient of the horse being mentally and emotionally engaged in what it is doing. It feels hollow, empty and exhausting to ride a horse, that is physically collected but shut down mentally and emotionally. Many people will try to use bigger bits, bigger spurs, and mechanics to try to intimidate the horse into collection, but this only results in the horse becoming evasive, defensive and dangerous.

The majority of collection issues can be fixed by addressing the parts of the training process that aren’t working, which again comes back to the quality of the foundation training.

On the 16th and 17th of July 2016 we will be running a Foundation for Collection Clinic, which will empower you as a horse owner to develop a foundation for true collection. The clinic will take you and your horse through the step by step process that will put you on the path to true collection. You will also be provided with the answers to your collection problems regardless of what discipline you wish to pursue.

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You can find further details about our Foundation for Collection clinics on our website.

Also, the Early Bird Price for this clinic is running out in a few days. So, make sure you book soon so you don’t miss out!

We would love to see you there!



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