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Safety & Confidence on Trail Rides Clinic

Do you want to have a fun, safe, relaxed and enjoyable trail ride with you horse? 

The Safety & Confidence on Trail Rides Clinic, is the ideal clinic to learn more about how to stay safe on a trail ride; and how to teach your horse to be more confident and relaxed, while out on a trail.

Trail riding can be a relaxing and fun experience when your horse is calm, willing and responsive. This clinic will give you the knowledge you need to enjoy every trail ride.

Learn  how to prepare your horse to be taken out on a trail, for the first time or how to solve trail riding issues, like shying, bolting, spooking, jig jogging etc.   

trail-ride-cropWhat you’ll learn

  • How to become a better leader for your horse on the trail
  • Why your horse is shying, jig jogging, spooking
  • How to solve common trail riding problems through understanding horse behavior
  • How to prepare your horse for a safe trail ride using groundwork
  • How to be a successful rider in group environment
  • How to ensure your horse is just as happy to lead as it is to follow

This Clinic includes:

  • Theory, booklet for you to keep
  • Simulations
  • Groundwork exercises
  • Riding exercises
  • Trail Rides
  • Q & A


  • No previous Natural Horsemanship or trail ride knowledge required
  • This clinic suits any skill level, from beginner to advanced rider
  • This clinic suits any discipline e.g. pleasure or competitive riding

I attended the BLS Safety & Confidence on Trail Rides clinic in Tamworth 2015. 
I had so many light bulb moments and discoveries about myself and how that impacts on my relationship with my horse on the ground and in the saddle. 
I have some new tools to take me forward and I am looking forward to that journey.

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