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Intermediate Horsemanship Clinic

Are you looking for a unique and fun opportunity to broaden your Horsemanship skills?

The Intermediate Horsemanship Clinic will help you develop more effective body language, feel, timing and balance. As those skills improve, you will experience a greater level of harmony and connection with your horse.

During this clinic, you will gain insights into understanding your horse on a deeper level and creating a more connected relationship with it, by broadening your awareness of horse behaviour and the principles of horsemanship.

The Intermediate Horsemanship Clinic is designed to help people, who already have an understanding of the basic horsemanship skills, to advance to the next level of communication, trust, respect and rapport.

Interme-Horsemanship-crop-1What you will learn:

  • How to take your communication to the next level creating a softer, lighter & more willing horse
  • How to get in harmony with your horse
  • How to get your horse to want to get in harmony with you
  • How to understand horse behaviour on a deeper level
  • More advanced strategies and tools for solving common horse behaviour problems
  • How to develop more effective body language, feel, timing and balance with your horse, both on the ground and while riding
  • How to become a better leader in your horse’s eyes
  • Improving impulsion, stops, transitions, turns, circles, straightness and willingness

This Clinic includes:

  • Theory, booklet for you to keep
  • Simulations
  • Groundwork exercises
  • Riding exercises
  • Q & A


  • Completion of the Beginner Rider Horsemanship Clinic or previous knowledge of Natural Horsemanship
  • This clinic suits experienced riders
  • This clinic suits any discipline e.g. pleasure or competitive riding

Thank you for the skills taught, shared and still trying to implement consistently over the weekend. It was thoroughly enjoyable, challenging, interesting and I look forward to doing more with you.

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Once your booking is complete and we have received the payment, you will get a confirmation email with an itinerary of the day, details about the venue and information on what to bring.

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