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Fun Horse Days

Are you looking for a safe and relaxing environment to bring your horse to? Do you want to learn more about how to communicate with your horse? Are you looking for a fun and affordable day out, with your horse?

Our Fun Horse Days are designed, for anyone, who seeks a fun learning environment and support for the development of Natural Horsemanship skills and concepts. We realized a long time ago, that having a community of support really accelerates your learning and the progress you make with your horse.

FHD are a great first outing for your horse or something different and new for your seasoned horse. They are fun, innovative and informative. We aim to create a relaxed and safe environment for both, you and your horse.

Our Fun Horse Days are design to bring like-minded people together, in a safe, educational and fun environment.

FHD-cropFun Horse Days include:

» Theory introduction talk
» Groundwork demonstration
» Groundwork practices
» Games
» During lunch break – Topic of the Day demonstration and talk
» Riding activities
» Morning Tea

All of the above activities are optional. If you or your horse aren’t ready for them yet, you can skip them or we will give you other activities to practice.

Fun Horse Days are only partially instructed.
The Topic of the day, only effects the demonstration and talk. The rest of the activities (groundwork, games & riding activities) may not be directly related to the Topic of the day and will therefore be similar every time.


» No previous Natural Horsemanship knowledge required
» This event suits any skill level, from beginner to advanced rider
» This event suits any discipline e.g. pleasure or competitive riding
» A rope halter, communication stick and 12ft lead rope is needed. A starter kit can be purchased in the online shop, on the day (please advice us, if you want to purchase it on the day) or borrowed.

Thanks for a fun filled & informative day. Despite my lack of confidence & knowledge, your approach & understanding in helping me was wonderful. The way you teach and present things makes it so easy to understand.

FHD times:
Start: 9 am
Finish: 2 pm

2 ½ hours Groundwork
2 hours Riding

Online booking $60 per participant
Cash on the day $65 per participant
Fence sitter $15
Legal guardians are free.

Check out dates and locations           Dates & Locations
If you have any questions or to book in for a Fun Horse Day     Contact Us


Note: Only once we have received the full payment, will your spot be confirmed.

Once your booking is complete and we have received the payment, you will get a confirmation email with an itinerary of the day, details about the venue and information on what to bring.

What do people think about FHD?

Here are some testimonials of our participant
  • "I own Sunshine Coast Agistment and have been attending Ben and Linda’s Fun Horse Days with several of my agistees for well over a year now. We keep coming back, because there is always something new for everyone, and it is a lot of fun. Horses become more settled afterwards and Ben and Linda give us the tools to handle every situation successfully."
  • "I have attended a Fun Horse Day and my horse and I had a great time. It’s good for socializing not only for the horses but for the humans too and I learnt quite a bit and my horse experienced games that I wouldn't have done at home. I was very pleased with him; it was our first trip out with other horses and their owners. Unfortunately the day was cut short as a nasty storm was moving up the coast and we could see the big black clouds getting closer. My horse is very unpredictable with floating and he decided that at the end of the day he would not get back on the float.... Ben took the time to help me and persisted with him and eventually with a calm and gentle approach; he got on the float and stayed on. My day was a great experience."
  • "Thank you so much Ben and Linda for a fantastic Fun Horse Day. It was a lovely first outing for my mare Freya and I learnt some very valuable techniques from both of you."
  • "I knew buying a young pony for my 10 yr. old granddaughter might not work out, even though he had a beautiful temperament! So taking him to one of Ben’s “Fun Horse Days” was one of the first things I did. The day was a huge success for us, gaining an understanding and confidence that has continued to make Kokomo an amazing pony. Ruby takes him to Pony Club and he is confident in her understanding of him. We have used both Ben and Linda’s expertise on many occasions."

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