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Confidence with Obstacles Clinic

Have fun, build confidence and be creative when using Obstacles with your horse!

Obstacles like drums, tarps or cones can greatly benefit you and your horse. They can help develop more confidence and imagination while working on the ground or under saddle. If you get your horse used to obstacles like letterboxes, water crossings or rain coats in a controlled environment you will create a more trusting, willing, interested, engaged and safe horse.

The aim of this clinic is, to help you discover the keys to including obstacles in your every day training with your horse. Through understanding horse behaviour and gaining great feel, timing and balance you will be able to incorporate obstacles on the ground and while riding.

DSC00976What you will learn:

  • How to have fun, play games and be creative with your horse
  • How to create puzzles and challenges for your horse to solve
  • Increase your safety by exposing your horse to new obstacles
  • How to build confidence around obstacles
  • How to motivate your horse and keep them mentally engaged
  • How to develop better feel, timing and balance with your horse using obstacles
  • How to develop a responsive horse on the ground and while riding
  • How to read and understand horse behavior and use horse psychology

This Clinic includes:

  • Theory, booklet for you to keep
  • Simulations
  • Groundwork exercises
  • Riding exercises
  • Q & A


  • No previous Natural Horsemanship knowledge or skills with obstacles required
  • This clinic suits any skill level, from beginner to advanced rider
  • This clinic suits any discipline e.g. pleasure or competitive riding

Thank you both for your infinite patience, excellent tuition and unfaltering belief in “Ringer” and my ability to overcome the tarp obstacle last Sunday. You have no idea how much achieving that one small challenge has improved both my and “Ringer’s” confidence in each other. My only lament is, that I did not know about you guys a long time ago, as I feel it would have stopped a lot of bad habits on my part and a lot of heartache overall. Thank you for a great weekend.

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