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Bridle-less Riding Clinic pictures 20/02/16

A big thanks to everyone who attended the Bridle-less Riding clinic on the 20th and 21st February 16 at Vakarra Park, it was a great weekend! I was inspired to see the progress that people and their horses made.

The first day of the clinic, was all about the participants building their foundation for bridle-less riding. The theory session covered horse psychology in relationship to bridle-less riding. During the practical sessions, we worked on building the horses’ responsiveness to the communication sticks, starting on the ground and then progressing to in the saddle. We also worked on building the horses’ responsiveness to riding with neck rings. At the conclusion of the first day, all the horses and participants had made good progress with each step of the process.

The second day of the clinic everyone gained momentum, as the horses were much more responsive and the communication between the participants and their horses started to consolidate from the first day. It was great to see the development of confidence and trust, which each participant had built with their horse. By the end of the second day, the participants started to reap the rewards of their hard work and commitment to their horses, and a number of the participants were able to take their bridles off and experience bridle-less riding. Judging by the big smiles on their faces, it was a very fulfilling experience.

I look forwards to hearing about their progress in the future and I’m grateful to have been able to facilitate this experience for them.


This is what the participants and fence sitter said…

This event made me rethink my approach to riding my horse. I can now steer my horse without relying on my reins. He has become more responsive to my pressure and I’m looking forward to carrying on at home.
If you want to go to the next level of trust and unity with your horse in a logical, systematic way, this clinic is a must.
This event has enabled me to venture outside of my comfort zone in a controlled and safe manner and has taken my confidence and trust in my dear horse up a notch.
As a fence sitter I have been able to absorb the atmosphere and lesson phases at a calm pace. When I attend with a horse it shall be so much easier, with much less stress. I have networked with others to pursue further contact after this event. Ben & Linda present an amazing opportunity at affordable rates. Low stress with totally professional support for horse and rider. 


Here are some photos…

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